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Народный русский костюм

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From the author

Hello my dear customers! My name is Alexey. I am a hard-of-hearing, simple Russian man. I live and work in Moscow city. I was looking for myself for a long time. I have been sewing Russian traditional national costumes for several years; I like my job and everything connecting with it.

This web-site contains a small part of my job. On this web-site you can see besides shirts, sarafans (sundresses), hand-made kokoshniks (woman’s headdresses in old Russia), I also make other pieces of clothing: bags, belts and other one (also in Russian traditional style).

A traditional national costume is an important heritage of culture, accumulated during ages.

The Russian national costume is not just a very bright element of our culture, it is also a combination of different kinds of decorate creation, informing of traditional elements of cut, ornament, used materials and decorations, characteristic for Russian clothes in the past.

The color is a special method of expressing of senses of human. The main color tones in the Russian national clothes are white, red and dark blue. Besides these colors, green, yellow and other colors are also very popular.

I decorate my works with lace and others like this according to your choice.

Creation of idea for my works (what costume will I sew) is appearing in results of oversight and assessment of real life, generally, in Russian out-of-the-way places. Working with new idea and forms I also read some books. General source is our life and all life’s developments.

I will be really glad if you do the order for me with your ideas or ordering things that I can offer to you. The color, size, amounting of pieces of Russian traditional clothes or whole costume is for your choice!